We help you build powerful partnerships that evolve the way you work and mobilize real change. Our values-based and community-centered approach enable clients to build bridges that lead to breakthrough partnerships and authentically transform impact. Don’t just work together: partner with purpose. Learn More


Co-create a Vision
Be a Master Bridge Builder

JS Daw & Associates guides people and organizations in the partnership process. Envision it as going on an impact journey, with us as your strategist, coach, and evaluator – constantly building strength and resiliency into your partnership and project. With our value add, ability to challenge assumptions and proven techniques, you will be amazed at what partners can achieve together.

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Learn how to partner with purpose
Build Your Capacity

Future success – for yourself, your organization, and your community – demands this new approach to working together. Working in partnership is hard work and success is not guaranteed. We offer a range of partnership training courses to help you deepen your skills and practice. You’ll learn how to listen with intent, drive for change and move beyond traditional assumptions. Ultimately we help build your capacity and teach you to partner with purpose.

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Look to the future
Create Real Change

There is an African proverb that says if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. We work with organizations from all sectors who are committed to creating positive, permanent change through the power of effective partnerships. Learn how we have helped others go further together.

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Prepare for the Collaborative Future
Innovate Relentlessly

We live and breathe innovative partnerships – from the frameworks behind them, to the values that drive them; we share with you the latest resources and insights that will energize your collaboration efforts. Our goal is to help you adapt, thrive, and prepare for the collaborative future.

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