We are committed to taking your organization on an impact journey by building your capacity to partner more effectively. Our unique partnership philosophy can be shared with you to build next-level relationships both internally and externally. Influenced by the International Association for Public Participation, Partnership Brokers, Collective Impact, Shared Value, and Social Purpose Branding we teach your team through real-world application of knowledge and skills in partnership brokering and leadership that are human centered and values-based. We collaborate with leading organizations throughout Canada to offer these sessions in a variety of locations. We also develop on-site, customized training for organizations to get entire teams aligned.

Partnership Course Offerings

We have a variety of course offerings to meet your time, training, and budgetary needs. You can choose from ½ -day and full-day courses that will introduce you to the foundational ideas behind collaborative partnerships; or you can choose 4-day and advanced Partnership Broker Association courses to really take you deeply into the ideas and processes behind systems change partnership.


Partnership Essentials

Partnerships are hard work. Without proper training and intentionality, even the simplest ones can fail. Partnership Essentials teaches what it takes to design and deliver real value through collaboration. Our team offers training that builds understanding and capacity around partnership – all with the goal of deeper impact and alignment of values. Partnership Essentials are offered as public and customized one- and two-day courses that introduce the fundamentals and help you deepen value from your partnerships.

Current public course offerings:

  • Partnership Community of Practice, Calgary, Alberta November 27, 2019 hosted with the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. Held between 9 am - 11:30 am this session helps you to deepen your partnership skills and through facilitated conversations and peer discussions address your greatest partnership challenges. Click here for more information and to register.

  • One-Day Course, Calgary, Alberta, February 27, 2020, hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. To register: https://bit.ly/2lQSvQI

Partnership Brokers Training

The four-day, foundational Partnership Brokers Training course is an intensive skills development course for those brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships. Designed as “master class” and taught by Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) Practitioner-Trainers, this globally sought after training offers a pathway to professional accreditation in Partnership Brokering and hones skills increasingly in demand in Canada and abroad. The course can also be used for real-time partnership building when partners attend the course together and leverage the lessons to guide partnership strategy, management or review.

Current public courses offerings:

A Four-Day Workshop | February 3-6, 2020 Ryerson University, Toronto Ontario

Advanced Skills Training

This 5-day course takes the Partnership Brokers Training to the next level. It is designed to build further confidence and competence in managing a range of partnership brokering interventions to promote truly effective and potentially transformational partnering.

The course offers the opportunity for participants to build their skills through detailed planning, delivery, and experience of practice sessions. These sessions will to deepen your capacity to observe, listen, build on feedback, thereby becoming more adept at responding to the partnership and what is needed now.

Current public course offerings:

Edmonton, Alberta March 16 - 20, 2020. Click here to register for the course.

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Partnership Course for Funders

This course is catered exclusively to funders and is designed to address their unique issues.

As society’s challenges become more complex and interconnected, funders have increasingly sought to fund partnerships rather than single entity projects. As a result, they have played an important role in pioneering collaborative approaches and helped achieve outcomes that are innovative, inclusive, scalable, and sustainable. But they have also experienced some operational challenges, including too many “paper partnerships”; tension between partner and donor accountabilities; and operationalizing partnerships for maximum benefits. The course explores the role donors can play in more effectively facilitating and supporting partnerships.

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Inspirational Speaking

The founder of JS Daw & Associates, Jocelyne Daw, is available to speak at any function where the audience would benefit from hearing about the transformative power of partnerships. No longer just about achieving functional goals, organizations around the world are creating step-change advances in how they deal with community projects to make their world – locally and internationally – a better place.

Speaking topics can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

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Finally! A course that provides a proper framework and solid foundation for the work so many of us do on a day-to-day basis - build partnerships that matter and can lead to truly transformational change. Partnership Brokerage training encouraged me to be more intentional and focused about the relationships I’m exploring to form potential partnerships, and refreshingly confirmed that not every relationship has to be a partnership - and that’s okay. The training provided concrete tools for overcoming common partnering challenges; tools I’ve already started applying.
— Ericka Wicks • Director, Projects & Advisory Services, Quest