Our clients are diverse, but have in common a passionate desire to deepen their community impact through the power of defining a social purpose, building innovative partnerships and creating deep engagement. Working with you we probe your assumptions; we help ensure honest dialogue; and push you to take the time to build trust so vital to organization’s community success. We provide the insight and guidance you need to empower your social purpose and deepen your partnerships.

Scope and build
Have Big Dreams. See Them Realized.


We guide you through the process of envisioning exactly what you want to achieve. Then we help you determine if the project can be handled internally, or whether partners are required. By doing this process countless times, we have learned that meaning well is not enough, and just hoping things will work out is ineffective. Conscious intentionality is critical.

Let us help you design a strategy that defines your purpose, finds the right partners, and understands your community’s needs and the impact your partnership seeks to achieve. We help you and your organization partner with purpose for real change.

  • Determine your organization’s readiness to partner and understand the community landscape even if it challenges the way your organization is viewed

  • Develop a roadmap for your organization’s partnership efforts

  • Co-design your project and partnership to set it up for success including plan, agreement, and governance

Coach and mentor
Embrace the Power of Partnerships


Guiding your partnership success is the reason we exist. We support your partnering journey by building bridges together to ensure effective implementation of your unique partnership plan. Working one-on-one with individuals or with partner organizations, we facilitate introspection and honesty with each other to improve your work together.

By teaching you to leverage strengths, teasing out areas where support is needed, and ensuring open, respectful relationships – true partnerships can be created. With personalized attention, we will provide coaching and mentoring support to ensure your success. Working in partnership can feel overwhelming at times, so we use techniques proven to be highly effective at getting you through the hard work of partnering.

  • One-on-one support for leaders in the partnership

  • Support to the partners to help get them unstuck

  • Team and trust building to deepen relationships and partnership success

Review and Evaluate
Improve by reflecting on your partnership


Throughout the partnership process (scoping, building, and mentoring), we work alongside your organization. And then we help you pause to reflect on and evaluate where things stand with the partnership to ensure that all parties still feel valued and respected and committed to the project. Our extensive partnering work shows that nobody learns from experience, but rather by reflecting on that experience.

Based on your experiential learning we help you to evolve and adapt in ways that integrate the findings and strengthens the partnership and project work.

  • Establish partnership review and evaluation criteria right from the partnership set up and design

  • Undertake annual reviews using the Partnership Learning Loop (certified PLL consultant)

  • Work with individuals and organizations to address any partnership challenges that arise. Some conflict between partners is almost inevitable, but through good upfront planning and respectful discussion, we can help you make the partnership stronger than ever

Stakeholders and Community
Stakeholder Engagement = Stakeholder Trust and Commitment


Closely tied to scoping the partnership and project, we guide project partners to ensure the project meets the needs of those people actually requiring your help and whose support will be critical. Genuine concern and respectful outreach forms the foundation of meeting people’s needs and improving your community.

JS Daw will lead you through a community-centered collaborative engagement, so you can be sure that it meets the needs of the community, while simultaneously ensuring the community knows about your new project. We will also support building project momentum and engaging the community in deepening your partnership work’s success.

  • Engagement and primary and secondary community research to ensure stakeholder commitment

  • Social movement building through cause- and social-marketing strategies

  • Storytelling will build your credibility, community engagement, and belief in the worth of your project and your clients

Jocelyne was instrumental in facilitating conversations that helped our collaborative initiative move forward. Her expertise in partnership evaluation and development was invaluable; her enthusiasm for partnerships and tenacity prompting and facilitating challenging conversations even more so. We relied on Jocelyne to lead us through a sound process that has led us to a positive outcome – one she guided us to define and achieve. We have already hired her to work on another important partnership project.
— Jessica Williams - Senior Director, Programs and Services - Catholic Family Service, Calgary, Alberta - Board Member, CACY Collaborative