About Us

JS Daw & Associate's purpose is to empower people and organizations to create real change through the power of innovative partnerships.

The challenges our communities face today are multi-faceted and complex; no single organization or sector can solve them alone. Funding is not increasing; we have all the resources we are going to have! Partnership is essential to address our shared challenges and opportunities. And when partnerships are values-based and co-created – and boldly ambitious! – they achieve results far greater than the sum of the individual parts.

At JS Daw, we guide clients to honestly and genuinely work in partnership. Our focus is to shift our clients’ thinking: to reimagine how they work, to break the paradigms of what they think they can achieve, and to embrace a whole new world of possibilities. Our partnership philosophy, frameworks, and values-based approach can lead to transformative impact.

We help you to stretch, to believe, and to have courage. To understand that true partnerships require real insights, system change and radical honesty. Partnership is not always the answer – but when it is, we will help you succeed. Put our partnership expertise to work for you and let us guide you through our proven partnership process and our partnership training that builds your capacity and leadership ability. You will be amazed at the impact you can have.


Who We Are

JS Daw & Associates are creative strategists, partnership experts and design and systems thinkers on a mission to build partnerships that are relevant to the community and resilient for the fast, transparent, and volatile world we live in today.

We believe the word “partner” is used to the point where it is becoming cliché. What many call partnerships are functional arrangements to accomplish specific tasks. But to make deep impact more is needed. We believe in creating step-change advances, co-creating initiatives, being values driven, advocating boldness and ambition in how people and organizations partner – all to advance real change and make our communities a better place.

We believe purposeful organizations with a willingness to do things differently, need deeper connections, more empathy, more wonder, and lots of honesty. Because when you get right down to it, working more collaboratively is what the world needs!

JS Daw & Associates are Accredited Partnership Brokers (APB) and our founder, Jocelyne Daw, is an Authorized Practitioner Trainers (APT) with the Partnership Brokers Association, the international professional body of trained specialists who are skilled in designing and managing the innovative collaboration processes.


Why Work With Us?

We provide partnership consulting that is end to end; training that builds your capacity; and we keep you up to date with the latest in partnership ideas, resources, and insights. By working with us, you can achieve these outcomes and added value:

  • Defined key needs and constraints of each partner organization

  • Challenged assumptions to deliver genuine change

  • Leveraged assets, networks, and capabilities for stronger project results

  • Increased capacity and skills

  • Greater credibility and reach

  • More integrated solutions

  • Access to new resources and more sustainability

  • Effective and efficient use of available resources

  • Wider influence on policy and practices