Maximizing Value in Partnerships

At JS Daw & Associates we live and breathe innovative partnerships – from the frameworks behind them, to the value and values that drive them. We are committed to sharing the latest resources and insights that will energize your collaborative efforts. Our purpose is to help you adapt, thrive and prepare for the collaborative future essential for sustainable, just and inclusive communities.

Partnerships are well accepted as a critical means of addressing today’s complex social and environmental issues. The question is not if but how – how do organizations partner effectively when working across sectors, with different organizational cultures and approaches to delivering a sustainable and inclusive future for all

This is more difficult than realized and partnership success is not guaranteed. In order to maximize your partnership journey we are pleased to share a recently published guide that provides useful information and insights on getting the most out of your partnerships.

Maximizing Partnership Value

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“Maximising The Impact of Partnerships for the SDGs” is a practical guide focused on getting the most value out of any partnership. The guide is not a comprehensive exploration of cross-sector partnerships but it complements and extends other more detailed accounts of the principles and practice of cross-sector partnership. Especially helpful are the case studies and the in-depth exploration of the various types of partnerships and how each can add value through collaborative action. The motivation for the guide is to help partners and partnerships focus their energies on that central tenet: the maximization of value creation.

The guidebook explores “value” in partnerships and explains that different types of partnerships can create different levels of value. It also explores the range of partnerships that can be established and how the nature of the partnership influences the type of value created for the partner and for beneficiaries.

Understanding these issues in greater detail should support organizations in the process of identifying designing and managing effective partnership that deliver the greatest value, and to think more ambitiously and creatively about how they partner. The guide is a joint publication of The Partnering Initiative and United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs as part of the efforts to support Goal #17, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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