Partnership Brokers – Training for Stronger Partnerships

By Jocelyne Daw



In a couple of weeks I leave for London, UK and Wales for the global Partnership Brokers Association’s weeklong Community of Practice. Leading partnership practitioners from around the world gather to study and reflect on how to strengthen the partnership process through the emerging profession of Partnership Brokers. Partnering is critical if we are to create more inclusive and sustainable communities. Partnership Brokers aim to support and strengthen partnerships through innovative and skilled management of collaborative processes.

Partnership Complexity


Working in new ways and bridging traditional boundaries is complex and challenging. Partnerships often fall far short of the high expectations of those involved. Partnership brokers can be ‘internal’ (operating from within one of the partner organizations) or ‘external’ (called in to provide specialist support when needed). Partnership brokers serve the partners by helping them to shape and strengthen their partnership.The Partnership Brokers Association is the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes. The organization aims to:

  • Challenge and evolve poor partnering practices so that multi-stakeholder collaboration can become truly transformational

  • Ensure those operating in partnership brokering roles are skilled, principled and work to the highest standards

  • Promote the critical importance of partnering process management to decision-makers in all sectors

 The organization provides opportunities for sharing new learning in the realm of partnerships, offers specialist and tailored vocational training, provides a global network transforming the partnering landscape as well as a range of supporting services. The Association also awards formal accreditation to those who reach the required standard and promotes partnership brokering good practice principles.As the Partnership Brokers Association leadership team states: “The Association is an experiment in creating a collaborative entity that can embrace a level of ambiguity and complexity. Our growing network of trained partnership brokers operate in all sectors and on all continents. They are skilled and committed change-makers who know when to step up and when to step back so that partnerships can flourish and transform our world.

Calgary Level One Partnership Broker Training - Coming Soon!

I look forward to sharing my learning from this Community of Practice and to announce the latest Calgary-based Level One Partnership Broker’s training. Level One training enables participants to apply to become accredited Partnership Brokers (Jocelyne Daw is currently the only accredited Calgary-based Partnership Broker). Watch our newsletter and the training section of our website, to ensure you are among the first to hear about this latest course!