Partnerships at the Heart of the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17th Sustainable Development Goal stands out as different from all the others. While the other goals focus on tangible improvements to quality of life around the world, the 17th is the means, the “how” to accomplish the other goals. By highlighting partnerships as the 17th Sustainable Development Goal, and the United Nations has made a call to action for multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Top Five Must Watch Trends for 2013

Welcome to the age of Community-Business InnovationFive Trends that Matter for 2013!As we begin 2013, JS Daw & Associates has identified the top 5 trends that will matter for community-business innovation. Based on the power of “&” we will see the amplification of:1) Purpose & Performance = Increased impact and enhanced value2) Nonprofits & Impact = Greater value and differentiation as the sector continues to grow3) CSR & Innovation = The new business imperative4)