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Partners in Learning: A Special Deal for Partnership Brokers Training

Building successful partnerships is hard work. Establishing a deep understanding of the art and science of partnering is critical since each phase of the partnering cycle requires finely-tuned skills.We all know that we can go much further on a journey when we travel together. That’s why JS Daw & Associates is offering a special deal for Partnership Brokers Training in Calgary (Sept. 29 – Oct 2, 2014). If you sign up with a partner, each of you will receive a 10% discount on your registration fee.

Partnership Series: Partnership Brokers Training in Calgary

As society’s problems and challenges become more complex and interconnected, it becomes clear that multi-sector partnerships are the only way forward.JS Daw & Associates is excited to officially announce that we will be hosting Partnership Brokers Training Level 1, in Calgary Canada, in collaboration with the internationally recognized Partnership Brokers Association.