An Update on Shared Value Around the World


So far, 2017 has been a year of stability and scaling for shared value. Shared value was introduced over six years ago as an innovative new approach  addressing social needs with a business model to achieve social and economic value.  While some of the initial excitement has faded, many companies have found success with this strategy and are reaping the benefits of more effective community-business relationships while creating new economic value.Recent Shared Value Summits in both New York and Australia showcased exciting breakthroughs, inspiring case studies and ideas for moving forward with shared value. We pleased to shared what's happening here in Canada, Australia, United States and around the world in 2017 so far.

Shared Value Australia

As a result of Australia’s recent shared value forum, they released a wonderful ebook with 10 excellent shared value ideas to inspire you to incorporate shared value into your strategy. It also highlights inspiring case studies of businesses that truly exemplify the shared value ideology. This book provides an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get involved and learn more about the shared value movement. We highly recommend reading the ebook to learn about new trends and best practices in shared value.Now more than ever, people are realizing that for shared value to work well, it needs to be fully integrated into every aspect of a company. It can’t be siloed away as part of a CSR program or human resources. Here’s an excellent video from New York forum about the importance of shared value integration into a company’s DNA.

Shared Value Summit - New York


Check out the Shared Value Initiative’s Youtube page to see a collection of excellent videos and case studies. The 2017 Shared Value Summit is always an excellent opportunity for practitioner's to come together, compare challenges and opportunities and show the rest of the world the power of shared value. Here are some of the highlights from this year's Summit.The importance of well thought out, strategic partnerships was highlighted throughout the summit. We all know that partnerships are important to successful business-community relationships. What many people had not realized was the sheer importance of strategic, carefully crafted partnerships. This has really come to light in recent years.The last six years have seen amazing growth and learning in shared value. Here in Canada, we are seeing more and more people gaining confidence and wanting to get involved. Simple tools like Shared Value Australia’s ebook provide a roadmap for this often intimidating strategy. How have you seen shared value progress where you are?