Emerging Ways of Giving

By Rachel Adrian



As we get ready to celebrate Philanthropy Day, it is interesting to reflect on how giving has changed in recent years. In the past, the vast majority of donations were religious in nature and now, this number is much lower. People today like to connect with the charities they donate to and know the impact they are making on their chosen cause. They want to be part of a movement that is really affecting change. In this blog, we are highlighting some creative new ways for people to engage with charity.

1. More than money: People no longer want to donate just money, they are leveraging all of their assets in order to be able to help the cause. Skills based volunteering is an excellent way for people to give to charity in a meaningful way. This has been an emerging trend for a long time, but as impact-driven millennials enter the workplace, and boomers enter retirement and have more time on their hands, it is more popular than ever before.2. Product integration: We’ve already seen a rise in products with integrated giving components. Buy-One-Give-One campaigns like TOMS are an excellent example. An increase in smart technology has taken this further and allowed some companies to introduce products that give back not only when you buy them, but for every use. Check out Whirlpool’s Connect to Care program that allows the consumer to donate to Habitat for Humanity every time they do laundry.

3. Technological innovation:

The past year has seen some incredible innovation that has made giving easier than ever – for all involved. People like to give to charity instantly and easily.


enables cashless generosity for those who love to give. It is an innovative donation box that allows consumers to simply dip their credit card and make a donation in a pre-set amount, to a business’ charity of choice. It’s a modern reincarnation of the donation box, and there’s no risk of donations being stolen. Perfect for people who never carry change! AND it automatically generates a donation tax receipt on the customer’s credit card bill.

These trends are shaping a new world of giving that will no longer be about time consuming philanthropic campaigns or impersonal donations.

Opportunities to donate need to be easy, accessible to all and must clearly demonstrate the tangible impact on the recipients of the charity. We predict that as giving continues to evolve, it will become integrated into every aspect of our lives, and no longer be seen as just another ‘nice to do’.