Encouraging Pro-Social Behaviour in the Workplace

community help

community help

Pro-social behaviours are actions that directly or indirectly benefit a person or society. Many companies have started to encourage pro-social behaviours as part of their community and people engagement programs. This means enabling employees to donate through the workplace, incentivizing people to bike to work, compost in the office or organizing company wide volunteer days, companies are definitely seeing a return on this investment. Employees are happier, more engaged and proud – both of their own accomplishments as well as the support of their company.Pro-social behaviour is encouraged and enabled through the use of innovative technology platforms. In this blog, we are sharing 3 platforms that encourage people to make simple behavioural changes in their everyday lives and also integrate these changes into the workplace. These types of programs offer tangible long-term benefits to the individual, the company, and the greater community.Benevity: Benevity is a user-friendly platform that makes giving an experience not a chore. The platform streamlines workplace donating and volunteering both for the company and the employees. Companies can easily add fun incentives for employees to participate like donation matching, internal competitions and goal setting. Benevity is a Calgary-based company that is committed to creating pro-social platforms and becoming an one-stop for individual and corporate goodness.


WeSpire is ultimately a behavioural change tool that allows companies to incentivize behaviours that they want to see more of (riding a bike to work, volunteering, using less paper) by giving out points in a social networking style platform. It uses tangible rewards and intelligent measurement to demonstrate how everyday actions of employees make an impact on company wide goals.

Green Shield Canada MyChange4Life:This program, offered through Green Shield Canada Health Insurance targets plan members that are pre-disposed to health problems and encourages them to make positive changes in their own lives. This includes such behaviour changes as eating better or getting more sleep. The tool provides reliable information about many of the most common health issues all in one location and offers trackers to help people develop goals in their personal health journeys. Points and rewards are given out for good behavioursPro-social is the opposite of antisocial. Humans are social by nature, and are expected to act pro-socially toward others in groups. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the most important social groups we belong to nowadays is the company we work for. Companies are realizing the benefit and value of making it easy for their employees because they realize as does Benevity that “Pro-social is pro-business.”Check out this inspiring TEDTalk that demonstrates some of the science behind pro-social behaviour and how it can ultimately strengthen your company’s bottom line: