Building a Social Purpose Community Investment Brand

By Jocelyne Daw.

Social Purpose Strategies

Social Purpose Strategies

This June I was pleased to be invited to speak at a meeting of the Calgary Community Investment Council. When I first attended a meeting of the CCIC the membership was small but growing as the value of community investment was realized. Thanks to those pioneers the organization has grown to well over 100 strong. There is a shift occurring in the world of community investment. CI now means co-creating for social and business value. It must include an integrated approach that has measurable outcomes and be aligned to the business strategy. Community investment professionals must embrace a brand mindset.  They need to communicate and demonstrate that they are delivering value – for both the company and the community by focusing on the social purpose and community innovation.The fact is, your community investment program has brand –whether you manage it or not.   A brand is more than a logo or communication tool.  It’s what people say about your program when you’re not in the room.  It’s your reputation, identity and goodwill with internal stakeholders and in the community, formed by every action, communication and interaction.A focused compelling brand defines who you are and what you stand for.  It compels attention.  It demonstrates your unique value and expresses it in a relevant and differentiated way.  Done well, it tells a story t hat drives engagement and impact.  It maximizes the trust and loyalty required to secure the continuing flow of resources necessary to fulfill your company’s social purpose.I am pleased to share with you my presentation – available for your consideration and benefit.

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