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Embracing Inherent Partnership Tensions

Embracing Inherent Partnership Tensions

This past spring I participated in a conference on “Inherent Tensions in Networks”. The main theme was get comfortable with being uncomfortable when working in partnerships. When I work with partners I use a diversity of concepts and methods to support and enhance their work, including design and systems thinking and group dynamics. But “Polarity Thinking”, is one framework I use regularly. Like yin and yang, polarities are interdependent values that support each other. 

New Millennial Engagement Research

By Jocelyne Daw and Richard JanzenEvery nonprofit or community-minded organization is looking to pass the torch to the next generation, finding someone to take up “The Cause” and continue the good work. This work is vitally important to building and maintaining communities, helping the disadvantaged, and connecting us with like-minded people. 

Building a Social Purpose Community Investment Brand

This June I was pleased to be invited to speak at a meeting of the Calgary Community Investment Council. When I first attended a meeting of the CCIC the membership was small but growing as the value of community investment was realized. Thanks to those pioneers the organization has grown to well over 100 strong. There is a shift occurring in the world of community investment. CI now means co-creating for social and business value.

Social Purpose + Meaning: The New Nonprofit Imperative

Business has focused on social purpose and nonprofits need to put social purpose on their agenda.  How do you create and engage your stakeholders in your social purpose cause?  Find and express your organization's higher purpose and focus on impact and outcomes not programs and projects! Organizations that stand for a clear and inspiring social purpose and bring commitments to life through outcome driven action will deepen relationships, foster loyalty, build sustainable organizations and achieve positive social change.

Purposeful Brands for Greater Good

The last few years have seen a huge increase in purposeful brands that not only look to improve their bottom line, but the community as well. Whether its in the form of a social enterprise, B-corp, or simply a company that has chosen to highlight their true purpose, this is a very exciting trend that will continue to change the way business operates in community.

Strategic Purpose + Sustainable Profits: The New CSR Imperative

I am pleased to share with you my recent speech from the Women’s Executive Network Leading Edge Corporate Social Responsibility.These days brand is king. Companies want to improve their image as good corporate citizens in both the marketplace and in the community. For this to ring true they need to do a lot more than talk the talk.”Leading Edge Corporate Social Responsibility is the title of the session today.  So what does this mean and how can you embrace the new thinking and practices to power increased results for your company and society.