community engagement

New Millennial Engagement Research

By Jocelyne Daw and Richard JanzenEvery nonprofit or community-minded organization is looking to pass the torch to the next generation, finding someone to take up “The Cause” and continue the good work. This work is vitally important to building and maintaining communities, helping the disadvantaged, and connecting us with like-minded people. 

From Traditional to Breakthrough Branding

As the number of nonprofits grows and corporations expand their work in the community the philanthropic marketplace is becoming more complicated and crowded.  A deluge of overlapping messages is often overwhelming and difficult to distinguish. How can you stand out?  How do you maintain and grow support for your work?  The answer lies in building a clear, focused and compelling brand.   Whether you are a nonprofit, foundation or corporation building a brand for your work in the community  is no longer a nice to do - it is the new imperative