Social Purpose Branding

From Traditional to Breakthrough Branding

As the number of nonprofits grows and corporations expand their work in the community the philanthropic marketplace is becoming more complicated and crowded.  A deluge of overlapping messages is often overwhelming and difficult to distinguish. How can you stand out?  How do you maintain and grow support for your work?  The answer lies in building a clear, focused and compelling brand.   Whether you are a nonprofit, foundation or corporation building a brand for your work in the community  is no longer a nice to do - it is the new imperative

Social Purpose + Meaning: The New Nonprofit Imperative

Business has focused on social purpose and nonprofits need to put social purpose on their agenda.  How do you create and engage your stakeholders in your social purpose cause?  Find and express your organization's higher purpose and focus on impact and outcomes not programs and projects! Organizations that stand for a clear and inspiring social purpose and bring commitments to life through outcome driven action will deepen relationships, foster loyalty, build sustainable organizations and achieve positive social change.

Purposeful Brands for Greater Good

The last few years have seen a huge increase in purposeful brands that not only look to improve their bottom line, but the community as well. Whether its in the form of a social enterprise, B-corp, or simply a company that has chosen to highlight their true purpose, this is a very exciting trend that will continue to change the way business operates in community.