Community investment brand

Strategic Purpose + Sustainable Profits: The New CSR Imperative

I am pleased to share with you my recent speech from the Women’s Executive Network Leading Edge Corporate Social Responsibility.These days brand is king. Companies want to improve their image as good corporate citizens in both the marketplace and in the community. For this to ring true they need to do a lot more than talk the talk.”Leading Edge Corporate Social Responsibility is the title of the session today.  So what does this mean and how can you embrace the new thinking and practices to power increased results for your company and society.

Why Every Community Investment Program Needs a Brand

Companies today have so much going on and it can be difficult for community investment programs to get the attention and engagement they deserve. It’s a common concern we hear from our clients, especially if a CI program is viewed as peripheral to the core business. I am a passionate advocate for the need for nonprofits to strategically build and manage their brands.

Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding - Two New Reviews

"Valuable, but not for obvious reasons” by Benjamin T. Mohler, “Giving Three” (5 out of 5 stars)If you are a business looking to partner with a charitable organization, a non-profit looking to give your organizational mission more richness through a strategic partnership in the private sector, or like myself looking to better articulate the non-profit organizational brand by borrowing from the private sector, I believe this book is a must read.